Your Brand Name Is Only As Good As Your Reputation

- Sir Richard Branson

How Can We Serve Your Business?

Reputation Management

24/7 Alerts and Reporting of how your business's reputation is being seen and distributed online with actions to improve. The best training for your team is to know what you are doing well and where the improvements need to be made.

Reputation Building

It takes a team and proven strategies to build a great online reputation. Most customers will jump at the chance to leave negative feedback but often need to be guided through the process of positive reviews

Reputation Marketing

We believe in being humble but most people won't know how great your business is unless you tell them. That might seem difficult and a little arrogant but it's an amazing asset to your business especially when it's coming from your raving fans


Web design, digital newsletters/communications, and print media can project the right image for your business

Social Media

Everyone wants to be liked but your business depends on it. We can monitor and respond to your raving fans as well as win over the less than happy keyboard warriors


The message you want your target market to see, hear and feel. You are busy making your business the best it can be, we will be busy making sure everyone knows it.

Reputation Training

Create systems for your team to proactively build your online reputation and emphasize the importance of customer satisfaction, retention and referrals.


Content Creation

Video, social media, online blogs are all imperative to getting your message out to your customers. It also shows that you are current and active in your business.

Help & Support

We provide more than tools, systems, and automation. We are there to support your team and vision. It's a partnership that you'll be proud of.

Why Is Online Reputation Important?


Of Consumers Read A Minimum of 10 Reviews Before Forming An Opinion About A Business or Service


Of People Trust Online Reviews As Much As A Personal Recommendation


Of Potential Clients Will Visit A Website After Reading A Positive Review About A Business


Of Consumers Make A Buying Decision Based On The Star Rating of a Business

About Us

About Us

The 811 Group is your local marketing agency. That means wherever your customers are we commit to having your business in that space. Every client has a different need and that's why we will customize a program specifically for your business. The days of one size fits all marketing has gone by the wayside.

A business that serves the local community might not need a global or national footprint targeting customers who could never utilize your services. In the same token, your business may be expanding either physically or digitally and you need a level of reach that wasn't necessary previously.

The 811 Group meets your business where it is and will partner with you to bring it where you need it to go.

Our full-service marketing portfolio includes inbound/outbound marketing, advertising, web design, social media, video, and content creation just to name a few. 

Our pillar services are based around the trinity of reputation services. This consists of reputation management, reputation building, and reputation marketing. Knowing when a bad review is left by a customer is a reactive strategy. We monitor your reputation and we take the friction out of getting more 5 star reviews than your competitors.

We then take your positive and ever-growing reviews from your biggest fans and spread that to the world....more importantly, your future customers. This is the new age of word-of-mouth referrals. Your reputation both good and bad have a greater impact on your business than ever before and we use that to your advantage.

This is the best and most value-based form of organic marketing and growth in your business and it's here to stay. Reach out to us and see how we can partner with you.

"Our purpose is to help businesses grow by giving them the resources needed to market their business without ever taking them away from what makes them successful"
Dominick Zirilli

Founder - The 811 Group

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